No Rules Diet

Let’s Burn Your Unwanted Belly Fat FAST!
The 4-Step Strategy That Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds In Less Than 6 Months.
Without starving or counting calories!

Hi, my name is Skye Clark and on this page (just a little further down) I am going to reveal the secret to permanent weight loss over 2,000 people are using right now.

This secret has allowed me to lose 65 pounds of unwanted fat and get in the best shape of my life. All while eating burgers, chocolate, and candy.

I was happy with my body and no longer wearing baggy clothes to hide. For once, I could enjoy summer, and I was proud to show off my brand new bikinis.

It felt like a dream come true! I lost more weight than ever, all on my own, and while enjoying my favorite foods.

I finally realized strict, complicated diets do not work.

I Discovered The Secret To Losing Weight Without Starving.
My energy skyrocketed, and I felt 20 years younger!

I have tried losing weight with restrictive diets and lots of exercise many times. Every time, I felt miserable starving myself and working out for hours. I would step on the scale after a week with high hopes…only to see I had not even lost one pound.

The days of disappointing diets are over for me, and they can be for you as well! You can reclaim the energy you had in your 20’s and look healthier than ever. You can have a lean, toned and fit body while eating anything you want.

The science behind the secret I am about to show you makes it the fastest way to lose weight.

Before I learned this fat loss secret, I was ready to give up on diets. You know the drill. You start out strong, stick to your diet and work out as often as you can. You know that this time, you will lose the weight and keep it off.

For the first week, everything is going well. You are counting your calories and eating clean. Your moral is high and you even see a few pounds fall off the scale.

Then The Cravings Kick In.
You are eating so little that you are starving yourself!

Since you are determined to stick it out, you read books and magazines on diets and nutrition. They each have their rules and “tips” to follow. You are confused about the best way to diet.

Those cravings are hitting you hard! You are fed up of counting calories, and you are starting to feel overwhelmed. The questions are racing through your mind: “What can I eat?”, “How many calories can I have?” and “What foods should I avoid?”. You feel burnt out and are exhausted.

Losing weight has turned into a full-time job, and it is impossible to enjoy life while on this diet! Your friends invite you out for a few drinks, and while they are enjoying pizza you are picking the croutons out from the salad.

The truth is that life on a diet is miserable. Counting calories leaves you hungry and grouchy. So, you give in. You eat a big, juicy cheeseburger and feel good for a moment. You tell yourself you will start a new diet next week and comfort yourself with junk food.

It is Impossible To Stick With Restrictive Diets That Force You To Give Up Your Favorite Foods.
No matter how much “willpower” you think you have!

We run on happiness and eating delicious foods fuels us. So, if you cut your favorites out, you will feel deprived. You will be miserable and will not enjoy life.

You cannot “will” yourself into staying on a diet. After you hit about three weeks, willpower goes out the window. Before you know it, you will be eating junk food and gain all the weight you have lost back.

You cannot lose weight and keep it off with a diet that makes you feel miserable. Fitness companies tell you that you can, but they are profiting on these lies. Million dollar marketers need you to believe that they hold the answer. That a pill, powder, or DVD can solve all of your weight loss problems. It is a downright shame.

These companies do not want you to figure out the proven, easy way to lose weight and keep it off. That would mean that you would not have to rely on them and spend your money on their products.

Losing weight does not have to be complicated. You can enjoy fast, permanent weight loss. This one simple strategy makes it easy to stay on track without complicated dieting rules.

You can look 20 years younger using this simple, convenient eating strategy. I have helped thousands of other regular people, just like you, break the dieting chains.

Over 70% Of People In The United States Are Overweight Or Obese.
With all of the diet products out there, this just does not make sense!

The fact is, you cannot and will not lose weight starving yourself and working out all the time. Diets have failed you time and time again and will continue to. Less than 2% of all dieters can keep the weight off for more than one month.

If your body senses a lack of calories and possible famine, it will stop burning calories and slow down your metabolism and hold onto stored fat, to use for energy. This is why diets will cause you to plateau and hold onto stored body fat.

It Does Not Take A Pill, Powder, Gadget.
To lose weight, just burn more calories than you eat!

If you are always taking in more calories than you burn off, your body will store those calories as fat. This is how we pack on weight. Most people reduce their calories too fast, and that causes your body to hold onto fat as a defense mechanism. If you know what level of calories your body needs each day, then it is easy to maintain your current weight.

There is a simple strategy to staying below your personal daily calorie needs without counting calories or giving up your favorite foods. You can lose all the weight you want, boost your energy levels, and look 20 years younger.

Being Overweight Is Not Caused By Genetics.
It is a result of your diet!

Our ancestors did not eat every day. They ate when food was available. They would go days without eating because they did not have food. They ate anything they could when they could get it.

For Cavemen, calories came in cycles. Some days they had a successful hunt and the food was abundant. Other days nothing was gathered, and calories were low.

Daily Calories Of Our Ancestors

Your Chemistry Is The Same As Your Ancestors.
A lean and fit body is in our genes!

You were not meant to be overweight. In America, we have an over-abundance of food. However, your body craves the natural cycle of higher and lower calories. There lies the key to permanent weight loss.

Your genes are wired to go without food for short periods of time. Like your slender ancestors, you are meant to cycle calories and eat in waves. Alternating between times of plenty, and times of nothing.

That is what is missing in the modern diet and why over 70% of this country is overweight. Most people eat when they wake up and then again every few hours. This constant feeding has your body storing calories.

It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover the simple nutrition plan that works. Forget about all the hype and gimmicks.

If you are like most people I have worked with, you want a slender body but do not want to suffer through a diet. You want to enjoy life and losing weight without having to obsess over exercising. You do not want to give up your favorite foods.

If You Have Struggled To Lose Weight And Are Frustrated Then That Is About To Change!

Introducing No Rules Diet.

The Faster More Convenient Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

My personal results, along with my clients, show that this program is the perfect formula for fast, steady weight loss without dieting.

In the No Rules Diet program, I’ll show you how my strategy can help you reach your goals. It is a simple, proven way to lose as much weight as you want while eating cake, bread, and cheese.

You can enjoy more energy and fewer cravings. All you have to do is use the simple nutrition cycles I will show you. Before you know it, the weight will be falling off you.

No Rules Diet is the key to long-lasting weight loss without giving up your favorite foods! With this program, you can eat anything you want. So, there will be no cravings.

This Method Has Helped Over 2,000 People Lose Weight
(Take a look at the successes of those I’ve helped!)


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You can be the next success story! I have no doubt you can make it happen.

My strategy is the only thing that has helped me permanently control my weight. Even as a fitness pro and certified trainer, I used to battle with my weight and feelings towards food. Thanks to my strategy I no longer had troubles with food, or with my weight.

When you follow No Rules Diet, you will learn:

  • How to effortlessly attract an UNSTOPPABLE flow of youthful HEALTH and ENERGY every single day.
  • Why COUNTING CALORIES is damaging your life and your dieting results.
  • How to start losing 3lbs a week without giving up your favorite foods.
  • A proven 4-step system for breaking the dieting chains, losing weight and keeping it off. You will NEVER have to starve yourself again!
  • How to lose inches off your waist, look 20 YEARS YOUNGER and live life on your terms.
  • Why restrictive diets DO NOT WORK and how you can see better results in less than half the time.
  • How to get a lean, fit body while eating cake, bread, and cheese. No more cravings!

AND how to do ALL of this without diet pills, supplements, packaged meals, dangerous fat burners. Without ANY of that other “fad dieting” stuff that leaves you confused, depressed and weighing more than before.

Throw Out Fad Diet Rules, Eat What You Want And Watch The Fat Fall Off!

No Rules Diet is a simple, step-by-step guide to losing fat and keeping it off. So you can control your hunger and weight forever.

You will feel the difference in the way your clothes fit, and you will look leaner. You will feel more energetic. Your friends, family, and co-workers will all be asking for your secrets.

No roller coaster ride of losing weight and gaining more. No constant struggle to stick with a diet that leaves you craving fries, chocolate and candy.

With No Rules Diet You Can Eat Anything You Want
Lose all the fat without starvation diets!

You never have to suffer through another diet, and you never have to count another calorie. Each week you follow the No Rules Diet program, you will see your weight drop three to five pounds. The longer you are on it, the easier it gets!

You can enjoy the same kinds of foods your friends do. No more “I’m on a diet!”. You can enjoy food, and lose weight at the same time. This program is a life-changer.

No Rules Diet is the only weight loss program that works. You will never have to worry about diets, cravings, or starvation!

Here is what is you get:

  • Lifetime access to the 19 module program delivered through the exclusive members area. You will get access to all six weeks of the program right away.
  • Each module has videos for you to watch. There are also bonus audios and guides you can download.
  • If you ever have any questions you can get in touch with me through the support button on the welcome page. You will also get unlimited email and text support from me.
  • You will get added to our private, members-only Facebook group.
  • As a special bonus, you will get three private one-on-one calls with me. You can book these calls with me within your first three months of the program.

I have left nothing out of this program to be sure you are 100% covered!

I refuse to let finances be the reason you don’t join. That means you will not be paying the full $1,200 for this program today. Your total for everything is just $497.


I charge $200 per hour for one-on-one consulting. I do not have any room for private consulting at the moment. Discovering this secret has cost me over $25,000 in fitness education, diet products, and workout equipment.

You can get started today for $497.

You will get access to all six weeks of content right away. So you can finally break the dieting chains.

No Rules Diet is designed to give you the solution – every little thing you need to lose weight like me without starving yourself on a diet!

It is the fastest way to get from years of failed yo-yo dieting to seeing real results in weeks.

Here is a breakdown of everything:

Week 1 is all about mindset, great habits, and vision boards. Which means that you can have the confidence to succeed long term with this!



Week 2 is all about taking body measurements, the benefits of this systems and the first steps you need to take. So you can start things off on the right foot!


Week 3 is all about food which means that you can enjoy a night out with friends and family without those dreadful “I am on a diet” moments.


Week 4 get’s into the advanced level of this process which means that you can take your weight loss to the next level.


Week 5 is all about macros and tracking which means that you can do easily record your progress as you go along.


Week 6 is all about maintenance which means that you can stick with this process long term and enjoy life to it’s fullest.


Once you join, you will start seeing the scale drop in just a few days. You will have more energy than ever before. So you can live life on your terms.


Eat what you want and lose all the weight you want. No diet pills, packaged meals, or dangerous fat burners. No more awkward “I am on a diet” moments with friends and family.

No Rules Diet Will Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off.

Do not put this off any longer. Say “Yes!” and make the change towards a new you. Get started today. Instead of paying the regular $1,200 retail price, just one payment of $497 gives you the No Rules Diet program.

Act now while it is fresh on your mind! Click the buy button now to make it all happen.

Keeping it real,
Skye Clark

P.S. I have made it my mission is to show you that succeeding at weight loss does not take any pill, potion or gizmo. Remember, our ancestors ate this way, and we have evolved to eat according to these natural cycles.


P.P.S. It does not take hours of exercise, and you certainly do not have to suffer through the hunger. With this program, you can enjoy every meal. You can eat what you want and lose all the weight you want, permanently!


Lose weight and maintain it long term. Since this program is digitally downloaded, you can get started right now. No shipping fees, no delays, no waiting to get started! So, click the buy button now to make it all happen.


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