Unwanted Fat Is Not The Boss
Take Back Your Belly, Eat Without Stress, And Trust In The Process. You CAN Lose The Weight!
I know this because my story is your story.
Imagine for a moment, that food was neutral; not the enemy, not something that makes you fat and not something to fear
Not something that makes you fat and not something to fear. 

Put everything you know, and everything you think you know to the side, and picture yourself eating like a “normal” person.
Nice, isn't it?
It also tastes damn good, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat the whole pie.

When food becomes a source of misery and anxiety, something is wrong and something needs to change.

When food is the cause of your health issues, zapping your energy, forcing you to take medications, and destroying the quality of your life, something is wrong and something needs to change.

When food becomes a source of misery and anxiety, something is wrong and something needs to change.
When food is just food, it gives life, sustains your body, and produces energy.
  • Do you need to change? I absolutely did but couldn’t deal with one more diet. I just couldn’t.

You Deserve Better, You Deserve Freedom.
Do you know what “food jail” is?
I do, and it’s a living hell.
  • Thinking about food and your weight consumes you.
  • You’re depressed and full of self-loathing.
  • High energy is a thing of the past.
  • You hate the way you look.
  • Shopping for clothes produces high anxiety.
  • Getting dressed is the worst. thing. Ever.
  • Being naked is even worse than getting dressed.
  • Swimsuits?  Just, no.
Busting out of this dark and depressing place isn’t impossible and I know you’re tired of empty promises made by the latest miracle diet, but hear me out.
I know I can help you.
I’m Skye Clark and I was once where you are, bla bla bla, cliche, cliche, cliche...It’s old news and, besides, you already know my story because it’s yours too.

So, long story short, I was fat, I was miserable, and I lost and gained weight more times than I remember.
Bottom line: DIETS DON’T WORK.
My belly, my thighs, and my double chin would all attest to that.

In this story - our story - all that matters is that, at some point, food wasn’t food anymore.

It became an all-consuming, anxiety-producing substance that determined our worth and controlled our lives.
It’s no way to live.
I got fed up and found a better way
How many times have you heard the phrase, Permanent Weight Loss? What does that bring up for you? Images of cabbage soup, hamburger patties wrapped in lettuce, or maybe some strange hormone you inject with a syringe? 
Fad diets are flashy and exciting, but they’re also nothing but empty promises and, truth be told, they’ve given Permanent Weight Loss a bad rap.
These diets also try and corral us all into the same corner, which is like trying to fit into a “one size fits all” pair of pants when you’re a size 20 or a size 2. Sorry, dude. Not gonna work.
It’s no wonder you’re jaded and leary of anything diet-related but I’m one of you and I feel your pain, so hear me out.
Instead of trying to wear pants that’ll never be yours, get your own. AKA, let’s create a program that works for you, your body, and your lifestyle.  
A program that you help create and guide every step of the way
My very first client was a real doozy, 
but once we dialed in her program, 
she succeeded and continues to succeed 
every single day by adjusting her mindset 
and thinking long-term.
  • 65 pounds of unwanted and unneeded fat fell away.
  • Her energy levels went up and up.
  • Her body toned up and her strength improved.
  • Her stress levels decreased significantly .
  • No more panic attacks at the mention of swim season.
  • She felt sexy again.
  • Her moods improved and depression was gone.
It was Me! I was the Doozy!
After years of trial and error, experimentation, and what felt like many failures, I found the formula that freed me from the obsession of food and the torture of the endless weight loss seesaw.
I began to feel good, I began to look good, my health improved, and 
getting nakedYes please!
What I’m Like Now!
I’m that girl - the happy one who’s comfortable in her own skin. The one you see eating a burger, fries, and a milkshake and wonder how the hell she’s so fit. I’m the one who recovered from food obsession, low self-worth, and an overweight body. 
Wait for it… YOU CAN TOO.
Don’t leave yet!  I’m not kidding - you can do this and I can help. 
Think of this process as a journey full of discovery, self-awareness, and adventure. 
Vacations are nice, but you always come home to the same old thing; back to reality, back to the hum-drum of life, and guess what? You probably gained 10 pounds in the process. 
Journey, Yes. Vacation, No.
Let's Hear from Mandy
“…Through doing this program I have actually lost my craving for pop and diet soda, which is a huge breakthrough…I notice I have more energy, I don't break out, I sleep better, have regular bowel movements, and feel better about myself. I feel like I have gotten stronger, and my clothes feel better…I have a new outlook on exercise- as long as I am moving my body in someway for 30 min a day I feel like I have accomplished something!...”
Waitstop. I can already hear your inner monologue 
so don’t even bother saying it outloud…

I can’t.

I’ll fail.

I suck.

It won’t work.

I hate cooking.

I don’t have time.

It’s too hard.
You need a journey. 
Lace up your boots, 
put one foot in front 
of the other and 
trust in the process. 
You’ll release self-hatred and make peace with your body.
You will lose weight and you will feel better.
Crushing anxiety will give way to relief and serenity.
You’ll surrender your fears and work towards health.
You. Will. Succeed. 
Swimsuits? Hell yes.
Let's Hear from Nina
“…You have worked wanders on me my outlook, energy and everything else in between is a heck of a lot better and that is all because of you Skye…So far I am half way to my goal (I’ve lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks) and I know that I will reach it with your help and a lot of determination on my part...”
Don’t get me wrong - looking great and shedding pounds feels amazing, but your health is even more important. Terrible eating habits can lead to terrible health problems like diabetes and heart disease. My current nutrition and lifestyle routine sets my mind at ease because I know my health has improved.
Yours can too.
I know you already know all of this and I know you want to feel and look good, so what’s stopping you?
Don’t you hate it when people say that?
Diets are hard. 
That’s why they don’t work.
First line of business is to prepare your mind for what’s about to happen.
Diets don’t work, and this is not a diet, but... let’s call it the No Rules Diet. 
This program is NOT for people who want strict meal plans, limited food options, and restrictive thinking.
Not you?
I think you’re ready to hear the solution.
You should first know that over 2,000 people are following No Rules and losing weight.

Rebels - every last one of them is a rebel who decided to kick useless diets to the curb, and start their journey towards bikinis, better sex lives, improved health, more energy, tying their shoes with ease, and yes, even eating a rich and delicious chocolate bar in front of other people without feeling a deep sense of shame…

Women and men who get to choose their own adventure are the ones who will  succeed in the long run.
What does that mean?
Well, going back to that sucky pair of pants that doesn’t fit anyone… the one size that’s supposed to fit all, but really fits nobody?

It means that what works for me or John or Sarah may not work for you; health and fitness are notoriously fickle from person to person, and some customization is in order.

When you can make nutrition, health, and fitness fit into YOUR lifestyle and schedule, you have the best chance of long-term success (and comfortable pants).

We can do this. 

What’s your destination? No matter your goals, remember…  

Journey, Yes, Vacation, No. 

Translation? Those boots were made for walkin’, so keep going.
Let's Hear from Jamie
“…I lost a total of 6 pounds in 6 weeks which was just over 4% body fat and a total of 5 inches... to me, that was huge! Pooch is gone! The greatest thing is that not once did I feel deprived! I still ate with my family, not separate food "cause I was on a diet". I did not diet...I still had ice cream, cookies and even chips.

I found that I didn't have cravings because I didn't deprive myself of any types of foods…I actually felt that my energy level was even better than before!...”
The Rules (wait for it…)
Eating A New Way?
Exercise Exhaustion?
Eating A New Way?
Eating A New Way?
Intense Cravings?
Eating A New Way?
Eating A New Way?
What’s that you say?
I will fail.
I can and I will.
I am worthless.
I deserve better.
My health is failing.
My body can heal.
Let's Hear from roxie
“…I have been with her for almost two months now and already see great improvements in my life. I have more energy. I am stronger both physically and mentally. I sleep better. I wake up wanting to start my day right by fasting, eating healthy and exercising. 

This has become my lifestyle and I love having my own personal coach and trainer that cares about me. Skye makes it fun, easy and guilt-free. She gives me one on one attention and has an answer for all my questions and concerns. She is totally invested in my success!”
I can’t hear you....
speak up, please.
I want pizza:
Yes, yes, and more yes.
Cake, I want cake:
Ok, sure. Eat the cake.
Cheeseburgers too:
Yup, go ahead.
Bacon? Bring me bacon:
Coming right up.
I refuse to eat kale:
No problem, but do eat some vegetables, will ya?
If you’re ready to commit to a new way of eating - one with no rules - just skip on down to the bottom and sign up - you don’t need to read anymore about the features and benefits of my program. 

That’s OK. I once heard someone say that it’s easier to get someone to change their religion than it is to convince them to change their diet...

If this program isn’t for you, you’ll know it pretty quickly, but if you’re still on the fence, keep going to get the details on the program modules. 

Let's Hear from Megan
“I am down 2.4 lbs, 4.75 in my waist and 2.5 in my hips in just 3 weeks! Honestly, the program is great but the energy you bring to it is what makes it work!
The Noise
The diet and weight loss industry is eager to make a buck (or a few billion), so I’m just going to say it: don’t fall for the scams. It’s no secret that those who struggle with diet and weight loss are a profitable bunch and a target for greedy marketers. 
It’s an all-encompassing hurt that penetrates to the deepest core of a person’s being.
It impedes your ability to move freely, it’s hard to find good-looking clothes, and it’s freaking uncomfortable.
You want to change, but can’t.
Physically, freedom of movement is hindered (can you sit and stand with ease or chase your kids around?) and health problems can can be life-threatening (diabetes, hypertension, and more).

Socially, obese and overweight people are seen as second-class citizens; lazy, loathsome, weak, or gross. Shame is a powerful thing and can drag a person down into depression and fill them with constant anxiety.
Emotionally… it’s almost too painful to put into words. It hurts. 
It’s time to drown out the noise and face-palm those who would take advantage of your insecurity and desperation with scammy diets, those who think you’re weak and, most importantly, the noise in your head that tells you you’ll never change. 
Goodbye, noise.
I Can’t (oh no you didn’t)
Let’s just get this junk out of the way… the objections. Boo-hiss.
Restricting my food makes me crazy and causes me to binge.
Eat what you want. Really.
I’ve failed at every diet I’ve ever tried.
This. is. not. a. diet. NO RULES.
Even if I lose weight, I can’t keep the weight off.
You don’t have to. Just eat the new way.
I hate cooking.
Me too. Eat out, order in, hire a chef.
I hate working out.
You don’t have to for weight loss, but for health … your body will thank you. You can still hate it, though.
My metabolism has slowed down and nothing works.
Dieting wrecks metabolic harmony. A new way of eating will normalize, regulate, and optimize your metabolism.
Let's Hear from tami
“…I've always worked out, but I just couldn't seem to get the weight off and keep it off…With Skye's nutrition plan along with her workouts I've lost 30 pounds and I've maintained it for 15 months!

… I'm in the best shape I've ever been and I'm pushing 50 years old!…I ran a half marathon last year and improved my time by 40 minutes thanks to Skye's boot camp!...”
Science Says…
Popular belief says burning more calories than you take in equals permanent weight loss. 


Sure, if you eat a salad, grilled chicken and kale all day and then work out for 2 hours, you’ll probably lose weight, but guess what? It’ll find its way back to your butt, thighs, and belly the second you even look at pizza or brownies.

It’s not always what you eat, but how you’re eating it.

Stay with me… we’re almost to the solution.
Did you know that over 70% of people in the United States are overweight or obese, many of them constantly trying to lose weight?

Introducing, the...
Your weight will be lost, but you certainly won’t miss it. Bye-Bye.
  • Permanent Weight loss.
  • More Energy Than A Sugared Up Kid.
  • Better Health.
  • Slim, Trim, Minus The Gym.
  • No Cravings.
  • Food You Like.
  • Eternal Youth.*
* You'll have to purchase the super-deluxe package for this.
The Proof Is In The Pudding
Yes, you can have pudding, too. 
As a client, you’ll keep me up up to date on your process and in turn, I get to encourage you and celebrate with you as you walk the path.
Here’s what you get:
  • Unlimited email and text support (from me) and the ability to submit questions via the website.  
  • Lifetime access to the 19 module program delivered through the exclusive members area on my website.
  • Immediate access to all six weeks of the program once you’ve signed up.
  • Within each module you’ll find videos, bonus audio segments, and downloadable guides
  • You’ll be added to our private, members-only Facebook group so you have a huge support system and can share and get ideas, recipes, cheer on each other and stay accountable.
  • Daily motivational/educational texts from me to keep you focused and accountable!
Let's Hear from arieon
“I can't tell you enough about how this program works with my body and how much more enjoyable my life has been with everything revolving around food. I actually look forward to my meals and I don't feel like I am starving. I have more energy when I am a little hungry and not bloated a bogged down. My anxiety disorder has even improved and now take less medication than ever before…”
Break It Down: The Meat And Bones 
This is the week we build upon; the anchor that holds you steady and the concrete slab that holds you up.
Before we get too deep, I’m going to tell you this now, because your life depends on it...

Ladies and gentlemen,

Seriously, food is not your enemy. Get that in your head and you’re off to an excellent start.

Behavior follows the mind and habits follow behavior, so MINDSET is priority.

#TRUTH: Thinking about failure is more dangerous than actually failing. 
Here’s What We’ll Do:
  • Weed out your objections and crush them with mindset.
  • Educate you on which foods to eat and when.
  • Teach you to implement my fast fat loss system into your lifestyle.
  • You’ll learn the MYA (move your ass) exercise formula.
  • Begin to understand how a flexible nutrition protocol allows you to eat your favorite foods while losing weight.
Translation: More self confidence, better relationships with people and food, higher self-esteem, and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone.
Take your first steps into a new way of eating and getting revved up to make some changes. You’ll get tools to track your mind-body progress as well as your physical and emotional journey.
Here’s What We’ll Do:
  • Take stock of your body’s current condition.
  • Gain access to the tools that will help you succeed.
  • Explore exercise.
  • Measure the state of your mindset.
  • Fasting 101
The benefits of the No Rules Diet are en route, so keep stomping, plodding, and skipping - sooner than you think, your pants will be too big and your energy working its way up the charts.

Don’t forget health. Your health will improve at a steady rate.

If you’re one of the lucky few, you might even unearth a big dose of happiness. 
Don’t you love benefits?

If you’re lonely, miserable, in pain, or depressed, 
your life truly depends on it. You deserve to feel good on all levels
Food, glorious food. It’s delicious, but how does it work in your body? In week 3 we’ll take a close look at the 3 main food groups to help you best understand how they work with your body and how to optimize your intake.
Here’s What We’ll Do:
  • Discuss different food groups and how they affect your body.
  • Grocery shopping 101.
  • Talk about the 80/20 rule.
  • Learn about the foods that can trigger you.
  • Understand the basics of sugar and your body.
This diet has No Rules, but that doesn’t mean we’ve transcended into an alternate reality. 

If you eat pizza every day for a week - unless you have a metabolism more powerful than a stealth fighter jet - you’re going to gain weight.

When you understand how your body processes food, you can use this knowledge as the compass to guide your new way of eating. 

Our goal is to have you losing weight while eating the foods you want with zero deprivation. 
Remember, we’ll make the program work for you and your lifestyle.
You’re in control.
Cavemanology is the new black, and understanding caloric cycles will assist with your mindset and help you continue to eat in this new way.
This is where it get’s good, and here’s the letter you’ll write to your belly each day... 

“Dear Stomach, you are not hungry, you are bored.” 

Right? Shut that stinkin’ thinkin’ down and play ball.  

Part of having no rules is learning to go with your gut. What feels right? What feels good? What course of action keeps you feeling good about yourself? 

This week, you’ll learn to listen to your body. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Each of us will respond a little differently to certain foods and certain fasting times. 
Here’s What We’ll Do:
  • Progress forward to advanced fasting.
  • Cover the No Diet guidelines to maximize your body’s response.
  • Explore exercise and how your body uses energy.
  • Take a closer look at self sabotage and how to set yourself up to succeed.
Most things in life follow some sort of logic, and the same goes for your body. Science is based on fact, so let’s get a little sciency, shall we?
You put wood in a fire, the fire gets bigger and hotter.

You water a tree and give it sun, it grows and grows.

You eat cake 3 times a day… you get the picture.

Makes sense, right?
Here’s What We’ll Do:
  • Learn to manage your macros (protein, fats, carbs).
  • Figure out how to tweak and pinpoint your food by listening to your body.
  • Meet My Fitness Pal, a free app that determines your body’s caloric needs.
  • Employ best practices to record and monitor your progress.
One size definitely does not fit all and here is where you’ll really
start to understand how to individualize your program.
Maintenance, baby. This is where you sit back, relax, and continue to trust the process.
Understand how to change your mindset from the here and now to a long-term perspective.

Think week-to-week, NOT day-to-day.

This is important. 

Life is long and when you get all bent about that burrito you just ate that was bigger than your leg, it’s going to make you feel like a failure. In the grand scheme of things, that big-ass burrito is a drop in the bucket of your week.

It’s no big deal and you have permission to let it go and do the next right thing for your physical and emotional well being.
Mindset, Mindset, Mindset
Wondering how to get back on the horse when life bucks you off? It always comes back to that big ‘ol brain of yours.
Have you been “bad”?
  • You binged.
  • You pigged out.
  • You punished yourself with exercise.
  • You blew it for the whole week.
  • You’re bloated and you’ve gained weight.
  • You find yourself wanting to take extreme actions to mitigate your “bad” behavior.
  • You’re considering eating cabbage soup for a week to “get back into it”.
Call upon the power of your new mindset, think about the drop in the bucket, and do the next right thing by eating the new way and thinking long-term.
Let's Hear from pam
“…I had given up on ever losing this weight. I've been a yo-yo dieter all my life trying all the different diets... 

…I followed Skye’s plan and was amazed. The weight started coming off consistently…I dropped from a size 24 to a size 14 in 3 1/2 months and lost 42 pounds. Actually it has been one of the easiest eating programs I have ever tried to follow…”
Life is a Highway.
It’s not one way; life isn’t some flat and boring highway with no exits and no choices. Options are good, freedom is good and taking detours is part of the process when you get lost.

Mindset. There is no fail.
  • There is feeling badly from eating too much.
  • There is feeling badly from eating the wrong things.
  • There is feeling badly because you’re discouraged.
  • There is feeling badly because you’re “never going to get it”.
  • There is feeling badly because you’re not perfect.
There is no fail. Only feeling badly.

When you feel badly, steel your mind, think weekly, and roll with the punches. 

It’s OK. You’re going to be OK. 

You will not fail.
What’s It Worth To You? 
No, really… what is it worth?
Are you one of those people who give freely to others, but deny yourself? Now is not the time to put yourself on the back burner, sisters and brothers. 

Now is the time to invest, splurge, indulge, commit. Put yourself first for once and stake your claim on a richer, more grounded life. 

Invest In Your YOU.
I know that sounds weird, but if you were to treat your child, your pet, or your friend the way you treat your YOU… would that be OK?

Let that sink in for a minute.

Your YOU is the most precious thing you have! Be nice, dammit.

Let go of the shame that you’ve endured and get on with it. 

You deserve better.
Let's Hear from jolea
“Had I not learned to change my mindset from Skye, I would have failed long ago…I’ve lost 4 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips, 1 inch in my arms and 1 inch in my thighs. I’m excited to see the positive changes! I feel stronger and love the fact I can eat and not stress over every morsel that goes in my mouth..”

What do you think your YOU would say?
What the what? Who in their right mind would say that?
Get out your credit card and tell guilt to go sit in the corner.

You’re doing this.
The full program is priced at $1,200, but for your YOU, I’ll do better. I want to see you succeed, I want to see you happy, and you deserve better.

Let’s not have finances be the reason you don’t join. 

This Is About YOU
  • You deserve to LIVE A HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE .
  • You deserve to have the energy to do anything you feel like.
  • You deserve to be stronger, fit and toned without being chained to a gym.
  • You deserve to wear clothes that makes you feel sexy.
  • You deserve to stop being subjected to judgement and cruelty.
  • You deserve to look hot.
  • You deserve to sit comfortably in those damn skinny airplane seats.
  • You deserve to break the dieting chains for good and enjoy real, yummy food. 
There is one thing that you don’t deserve: to jump from one unrealistic and impossible diet to another for the rest of your life.
Let's Hear from Kathy
I went back and forth trying to decide if I could afford it and finally decided it was worth a shot and I'm glad I did! 

I've lost the weight I wanted to lose and have not gained it back. I don't feel guilty if I eat a piece of cake or a doughnut. I pretty much eat what I fix my husband for dinner (no more separate meals). 

 I would tell anyone on the fence about your No Rules Diet that I have been on just about every diet there is...Weightwatcher, Beach Body 21 day fix, calorie counting, liquid diets, etc. and this has been the easiest, non stress weight loss program I have ever tried. I love it. I really like your reminders, videos and texts. I am 63, I think you are amazing and love this program!!
This Is About Me Too
You’re not the only one who’s suffered.

I didn’t mention that I’m a fitness pro and certified trainer because people tend to assume I’ve always had a fit and slim body and have zero issues with food. 

Not so.

Being in the fitness and health industry doesn’t mean I’ve always had control over my weight and health. Before I discovered my method of weight loss, and I’m not kidding, my weight went up and down, up and down. 

It was horrible.

More times than I can count, I tried to lose weight on restrictive diets that required lots of exercise and deprivation. Each and every time, I felt miserable, starving myself and working out for hours. I would step on the scale after a week with high hopes, only to see I had not even lost one pound.

I tried something new and it worked. 

Are you willing to try something new and trust in the process? 
  • There is feeling badly from eating too much.
  • There is feeling badly from eating the wrong things.
  • There is feeling badly because you’re discouraged.
  • There is feeling badly because you’re “never going to get it”.
  • There is feeling badly because you’re not perfect.
Get Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Like I said - your story is my story too, so I know you can do this.

If you’ve made it this far I’ll wager you don’t feel too good about yourself right now. That’s OK. It is what it is and I think you’re ready to change.
  • I’d say throwing down some money is a small price to pay for freedom from the agony of unwanted fat and poor health. 
Trust in the process, join the 2,000 plus rebels who gave the middle finger to fad diets and prepare for greatness.
  • You won’t be alone, I’ll be your guide,
  • Much love,
Skye Clark
Hear From More Rebels Below!
  • Once you click and buy, you’ll have immediate access to the course materials. 
  • You don’t have to suffer anymore. 
I can’t wait to meet you and watch you succeed.

Welcome to the 30%. You deserve it all. 
Summarize what sort of transformation happened BECAUSE of your offer.
List out examples that helps your prospect see themselves after they've used your product.
Remind them of the scarcity. That waiting will have consequences.
Ready to go?
Once you click and buy, you’ll have immediate access to the course materials. 
You don’t have to suffer anymore. 
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